She bags the golden buzzer despite singing Simon Cowell’s most-hated song. Sydnie Christmas is amazing

Sydney Christmas, a 28-year-old singer from Kent, captivated the judges and audience with her bubbly personality and humor during her Britain’s Got Talent audition. Working Front of House at a gym, Sydney dreams of performing in the West End.

When asked about her song choice, she confidently chose “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie, despite Simon Cowell’s obvious dislike for the tune. The other judges, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and Bruno Tonioli, encouraged her to go ahead with her performance.

As Sydney began to sing, the room fell silent, and her incredible vocals quickly won over the audience. Simon, initially skeptical, soon found himself smiling and eventually joined the standing ovation that followed her performance.

Amanda Holden was particularly impressed, praising Sydney’s natural humor, warmth, and stage presence. She described Sydney’s rendition of the song as the best she had ever heard, before dramatically pressing the golden buzzer. Sydney, overwhelmed with joy, fell to the floor as she secured her spot in the live finals.

Amanda then joined Sydney on stage for a heartfelt hug, while Simon shared his thoughts, acknowledging the rare and powerful reaction from the audience. He commended Sydney for her talent and the genuine connection she made with everyone in the room.

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